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The Sleepless Beauty (The Salon of Enchanted Beauty Book 3) - Ebook

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Welcome to The Salon of Enchanted Beauty where all your magical beauty solutions can be found. Along with other semi-related mysteries and commissions. Each book in the series is a standalone, though they do share characters.

All Philliya Wridall had to do was whip up one simple skincare potion. But her customer has bigger problems at hand than unhealthy skin. Philliya finds herself drawn into a tangle of sorcery as she wracks her wits to try to figure out the source of the chill winds that plague her customer. If she doesn't put a stopper in it soon, her customer might end up a frozen corpse with ravishingly beautiful skin.

But will she regret sticking her nose where something powerful may not want it? She might just end up whipping up trouble for herself instead.

This cozy fantasy book is a pint sized short read crafted with care for a single session of reading.

Book details:

  • Genre: Cozy Fantasy
  • Standalone
  • 1-2 hour read
  • Low stakes in a high fantasy world
  • Sorcery
  • Potions
  • A clever MC
  • A whimsical sidekick pet
  • Happy ending

Please note that this is a digital book, not print. Epub or Mobi is available.

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  • EPUB (1MB)

Customer Reviews

Jess D.

10 months ago

Quirky Sorceress Has A Sense of Humor

If you have read the previous short stories, you are already aware of Philliya and her unique ways of solving issues that arise, even if they don't have anything to do with her and she owes the person nothing. What was supposed to be a routine beauty care potion, perhaps with a prank thrown in, turned into a research driven quest to find out why her customer couldn't sleep (don't want to say too much and spoil the story). Using the resources at hand, or more like her brother's resources, Philliya finds out some fun information that will likely affect her journey to come. Fun, quick paced story, though not a lot of direct action if that is your thing. I'm excited for the next installment and to see what new adventures await Philliya and those around her.

The short story is set up in a way that each story can be a single one shot of mini adventures of Philliya, though there are advantages to reading the stories that come before. It is a storynice for those who don't want a large reading commitment due to lack of time. It's a quick read, around an hour for me, ephasizing the sorcery that is very much alive. I've already preordered the next book in the series.