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The Veridian Entanglement (The Salon of Enchanted Beauty Book 2) - Ebook

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Welcome to The Salon of Enchanted Beauty where all your magical beauty solutions can be found. Along with other semi-related mysteries and commissions. Each book in the series is a standalone, though they do share characters.

Sorceress Philliya Wridall's latest invention will turn your hair green and is selling like hotcakes. But things start coming undone in a flash when people begin turning up seriously ill.

With the fate of her shop once again in the balance, it's up to her and her alone to investigate and she's running out of time before someone dies.

This cozy fantasy book is a pint sized short read crafted with care for a single session of reading.

Book details:

  • Genre: Cozy Fantasy
  • Standalone
  • 1-2 hour read
  • Low stakes in a high fantasy world
  • Sorcery
  • Potions
  • A clever MC
  • A whimsical sidekick pet
  • Happy ending

Please note that this is a digital book, not print. Epub or Mobi is available.

You will get the following files:
  • MOBI (340KB)
  • EPUB (1MB)

Customer Reviews

Jess D.

10 months ago

The Quirky Sorceress Is Back In An Even More Engaging Story

As someone with little free time, it's nice to be able to pick up a story that can be read in a single sitting. After reading the first of Philliya's adventures, I had preordered this story immediately upon completion and it did not disappoint.

Whereas the first story had a slower start due to world building, this one gets straight into the action. Philliya is once again in need of money and selling green hair potions to make ends meet. Until a dangerous illness spreads, imitating her potions effects of turning hair green.

Without spoiling too much, Philliya must retrace her steps to clear her name, or she will have a much harder time making ends meet. Follow Philliya as she searches for the root of the problem so she can return to making money and stay out of trouble. Lots of action in this quick, hour read with the quirky sorceress.

I've already preordered the third book as I'm excited to see what other adventures and troubles await Philliya. It's a fun little series that keeps you coming back for more.